PR Team

We are currently accepting applications for our PR Team. As a member of our PR Team, you will be maintaining our social media accounts, creating designs, and promoting our events across campus. We currently are accepting positions for all 3 PR positions: Design, Email Outreach, and Social Media.

Service Team

Within our service team, we have both service project managers and service project members. Our service project managers lead a group of 2-4 service project members in planning out one large service project for our club over the course of the semester. Service project members assist with planning and both managers and members are required to attend the service event. We are currently accepting applications for service project managers.

Once we choose our service project managers for the semester, applications for service project members will be opened. If you are interested, be sure to stay on the lookout for an announcement from us early in the semester!

Executive Board Positions

Applications for most of our Executive Board positions are accepted annually. If you are interested, make sure to keep an eye out for an announcement from us about applications near the end of the Fall semester!